The Different Ways to Cook Bacon

If you’ve only cooked bacon in pan on the stovetop, you’re missing out on some pretty amazing ways to both cook and, eventually to enjoy the great flavor of bacon. Believe it or not, you can cook bacon any numerous ways; two of the best ways to cook bacon to a perfect, savory crispness are in the oven and on the stovetop.


But if you’re feeling adventurous or in need of a quick slice of bacon, we also have some tips for cooking bacon both on the grill and in the microwave.

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Cooking Bacon in the Oven

One of the easiest ways to get crispy bacon every time is to cook in the oven. It is pretty simple.

  1. Spread out bacon evenly on a cooking tray.
  2. Turn on oven to 375°F and place bacon on the high or middle rack. No need to preheat the oven.
  3. Flip bacon after about 10 minutes.
  4. Depending on the level of crispiness you enjoy, cook for 5-10 more minutes and then remove from the oven.

You can also cook bacon in the oven by preheating to 400°F and then cooking for 15 minutes.

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Cooking Bacon in a Skillet

Cooking bacon in a skillet is one of life’s simple pleasures. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Lay bacon in a cold skillet.
  2. Add enough water to cover the bacon.
  3. Turn heat to medium-high and cook until water evaporates.
  4. Flip bacon and cook until browned.
  5. Move bacon to a paper towel to crisp.

Grilling and Microwaving Bacon

There are some great ways to cook bacon beyond the oven and stovetop.

If you’re feeling adventurous or if you’re itching for some tasty bacon to add to the burgers you’re making for a cookout, you can make bacon right on your grill. To grill bacon, lay bacon flat on grill and make sure to move the bacon around the grates to avoid burning. Flip bacon and repeat until it has that perfect level of crispness.

Crunched for time? Make bacon in the microwave.

However, one warning about this method: The levels of crispiness may not be what you’re used to in the other methods. To microwave bacon, place it on one paper towel and cover with another. Microwave for 4 minutes.

When Is Meat Cooked Properly and Done?

When you go out to a restaurant and order meat or fish it’s the chef’s job to tell precisely when it is cooked and done. But if you’re making dinner for yourself or for your family at home, the Goldilocks-esque responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders.


As anyone who has ever grilled meat or fish will tell you, it’s not always super easy to tell when these various sources of protein are ready to be eaten, especially since the cook times differ depending upon the exact nature of what you’re preparing. However, unless you’re cooking large cuts of meat, you don’t need much more than a finger to tell when your meal is ready to go from grill to plate.

1. Fish

Grilling fish seems like a scary prospect because most of us have experienced it falling apart. However, there are a few simple things to keep in mind to successfully prepare grilled fish. First, it’s always best to use fresh fish that hasn’t been frozen. If you have frozen fish, make sure it thaws properly before cooking. Take the fish out of the fridge or freezer and let it evenly come down to room temperature. Use a little bit of oil all over, and place it on a very hot grill. The high heat will allow for the skin or flesh to get crispy, which will enable it to easily release from the grate.

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2. Chicken

Medium heat generally works best when grilling chicken, but it also depends on the cut. If you’re grilling skinless chicken breasts, you don’t want the heat to be too high because it will dry out the delicate meat. However if you’ve got some skin-on chicken thighs, for example, you can use higher heat to get that perfect char on them. The number one way to make sure your chicken comes off the grill with a lot of flavor is to marinate or brine it beforehand. Try our foolproof wet and dry brining techniques for best results.

3. Pork

Pork chops are the perfect cut of meat for grilling. Make sure they’re at least 1-inch thick and that they have some fat on them, which will prevent it from drying out and will infuse a lot of flavor. Using a dry rub is highly recommended, too, so add some spices to your pork chops and let them sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. Oil up the grates and set your heat to medium before you pop them on the grill.

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4. Hamburgers

Unlike with chicken and pork, when it comes to flavoring your burger patties for grilling, less is more. That means that you’ll get the best texture if you don’t overwork your meat while making the patties, and only season them with salt and pepper. Set the heat to medium, and resist the urge to press on the patties with a spatula while they’re cooking. Don’t flip them more than once, or you’ll run the risk of drying them out or cooking them unevenly.

5. Steak

Steak loves high heat on a grill, and a bit of char is what you want to achieve with a perfectly grilled steak. For even cooking, the meat should be at room temperature. And don’t forget to rub the steaks with salt in advance, even up to 30 minutes before grilling.

Though people’s cooking preferences for steak may vary wildly, there’s a simple trick you can do with just one hand that will help you differentiate between a steak that is medium-rare and one that is medium-well. All you need to do is bring your thumb and index finger together so you form the “OK” sign with your hand. If you press the fleshy part of your palm right below the thumb with your other hand, that will give you an idea of what a rare steak should feel like when you press it.

Childhood Obesity and Weight Problems

Obesity As a parent, few things are cuter than your full-cheeked baby or the chubby knees of your toddler. For some children, however, that adorable baby fat may turn into a health concern.



Today, nearly 1 out of 4 children and teens in developed countries are overweight or obese. Those extra pounds put kids at risk for developing serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. Childhood obesity also takes an emotional toll. Overweight children often have trouble keeping up with other kids and joining in sports and activities. Other kids may tease and exclude them, leading to low self-esteem, negative body image, and even depression.

If you’re watching your child struggle with their weight, you may feel alone or helpless; in reality, you are neither. There’s plenty you can do to help your kids. Diagnosing weight problems and obesity in children as early as possible can reduce their risk of developing serious medical conditions as they get older. And by getting the whole family involved, you can break the cycle of weight problems and obesity, boost your children’s physical and mental health, and help them establish a healthy relationship with food that will last a lifetime. Whatever your children’s weight, let them know that you love them and that all you want to do is help them be healthy and happy.

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Is your child overweight?

Children grow at different rates at different times, so it is not always easy to tell if a child is overweight. Body mass index (BMI) uses height and weight measurements to estimate how much body fat a child has. However, while BMI is usually a good indicator, it is NOT a perfect measure of body fat and can even be misleading at times when children are experiencing periods of rapid growth.

If your child registers a high BMI-for-age measurement, your health care provider may need to perform further assessments and screenings to determine if excess fat is a problem.

Causes of weight problems and obesity in children

Understanding how children become overweight in the first place is an important step toward breaking the cycle. Most cases of childhood obesity are caused by eating too much and exercising too little. Children need enough food to support healthy growth and development. But when they take in more calories than they burn throughout the day, the result is weight gain.

Causes of weight problems in children may include:

  • Busy families cooking at home less and eating out more.
  • Easy access to cheap, high-calorie fast food and junk food.
  • Bigger food portions, both in restaurants and at home.
  • Kids consuming huge amounts of sugar in sweetened drinks and hidden in an array of foods.
  • Kids spending less time actively playing outside, and more time watching TV, playing video games,
    and sitting at the computer.
  • Many schools eliminating or cutting back their physical education programs.

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To combat weight problems, get the whole family involved

Healthy habits start at home. The best way to fight or prevent childhood obesity and weight problems is to get the whole family on a healthier track. Making better food choices and becoming more active will benefit everyone, regardless of weight.

You can also make a huge impact on your children’s health by getting involved with the details of their lives. Spending time with your kids—talking about their day, playing, reading, cooking—can supply them with the self-esteem boost they may need to make positive changes.

cooking classes3

How to start a cooking classes

cooking classes Do you love cooking? Do you make your food so delicious that makes your husband, family members and friends rain praises on you for dishing out new and lip-smacking delicacies every time? If your answer is yes, then it means you are a great cook. Do you feel that you are frittering away your time at home? You can earn money by starting cooking classes at home. You should not be surprised as today cooking classes are very much in demand. You can earn a decent amount of money by starting cooking classes at home, if you are bubbling with very nice cooking skill. Do not idle away your talent; just use them by starting cooking classes at home.

How to start cooking classes at home to earn money?

Some women start cooking classes at home only with their experience, you can do it also, if you have much experience in cooking delicacies. You can take help of woman magazines, internet for new recipes.

cooking classes1

But it will be better if you take some training in this field. You can take training in your city, a lot of cooking classes are mushrooming everywhere. Take admission into what you feel better and reasonable. You can also have full –fledged training to enhance your expertise. It is necessary to hone up your cooking skill when if you want to earn money by starting cooking classes. Learn various types of cooking like Thai, Chinese, Muglai Italian, etc. If you take training, you will ooze more confidence in teaching your students nice and new recipes every day.

How much investment is required to start cooking classes at home?

If you want to earn money by starting cooking classes, then you have to buy some equipments like oven, tandoor, beater, chopper, boiler, steamer to make your cooking easy. You need not invest much money, but you must have an extra room in your house to teach all students. If you do not have, then use your kitchen as a class room at the starting, but you must free yourself from all your household chores to make your kitchen clean and neat, you need to take proper care of your hygiene in your kitchen to draw more students in your cooking classes to earn more money. It is advisable to start your work on a small scale to see your performance. You can start with 6-8 students in one batch, see if you are getting more students or not? Then, increase your investment to earn more money in your cooking classes at home.


Your students can be housewives , college girls aspiring chefs , newly wed girls and boys also.

How to advertise your cooking class to earn money?

You can not sit idle after starting cooking classes at home. You need to advertise your cooking classes firstly through your neighbours, kitty party members if you are a member of any kitty party. You can put hoardings of your cooking classes with appealing photos saying that you can make your career here by learning cooking skills here or please your family members (especially husbands)by cooking new dishes, as every man’s weakness is tasty food. It should be advertised that whoever comes here in bunch and refers new students will be given 25 percent discount or whatever you wish, in fees. Be diplomatic; charge your fees less than your rivals charge.

It is very important for every business initially .You can even start teaching how to make papad, chutney, pickle to inspire financially weak women to be self reliant, once your start cooking classes, give your heart soul to it. Never give up and have patience. Because you can not get success overnight. Advertise your cooking classes in local newspaper, radio FM, or you can even visit schools or colleges to promote your cooking classes.

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if you start your cooking class with 7-8 students at first, you can earn 3-4 thousands (in Indian currency) at home in the first month. It will increase with your increasing goodwill.

cooking classes2

How to make your cooking class a successful venture in earning money?

After starting cooking classes, you must employ some good ideas to get thumping success. When you say that you will teach 3 recipes in your class, teach more than 3 recipes, give them cooking tips in between. You will earn nice goodwill, try to start a new classes like how to make oil-free and tasty dishes (fat-free) to widen your brand value among health-conscious people .Many people will come as some people shy away from the delicacies for the fear of extra calories.

Try to teach the nutritional values of every food you make .Always have calorie chart. Try to use less fatty foods in place of oil rich foods .Start special classes like party foods, festival foods, oven cooked foods, snacks, deserts, use of leftover food and much more for the experienced students. Conduct a test among your students, and whoever tops, give him or her a gift. Try to make them a nice chef, make your students feel that you are helpful in making their career as chefs, in starting cooking classes, or Tiffin services or in winning the hearts of your family members.

Important things to remember after starting cooking classes at home After starting cooking classes to earn money, do not get dejected as many students stop coming to your cooking classes after enrolling. Do not worry, your classes will be flooded with students when you will earn nice good will. Do not forget to take timely fees from yours students so that you will not be deceived by anyone. Never criticize your rivals, if you do it, it can evaporate your well earned good will. Always be polite and friendly to your students. Always make your classes interesting so that your student’s interest may not dwindle in learning.