9 Delicious Meals to Wow Your S.O. this Valentine’s Day

Delicious Meals Opting for an at-home date with your special someone this Valentine’s Day? Grab your aprons and tackle a homemade meal that’ll rival any restaurant dish. (Bonus: Cooking with your significant other can be SUPER romantic!) Read on for nine mouth-watering dishes you’ll want to start shopping for today. Even if you’ve already got reservations for February 14, these photos might make you change your mind.

Delicious Meals

1. A Spicy Pasta Dish

Pasta is a classic Valentine’s Day dish, but the birdseye chili and ginger in this prawn and spaghetti pairing make this dish anything but ordinary. Even better, this dish looks impressive but takes only minutes to prepare. Simply boil pasta, prepare toppings, and eat! Buon appetito!

2. A Saucy, Sticky Asian Dish

Paired with sauteed broccoli and steamed rice, these glazed Asian-style drumsticks are the perfect Valentine’s Day dish. Make them on the mild side, or add extra Sriracha to taste. Takeout has never been this tasty or this romantic!

3. A Pared-Down Vegan Stunner

If you’re swearing off meat, eggs, and dairy, whether it’s a temporary resolution or a long-term lifestyle choice, you can still enjoy a decadent Valentine’s Day meal. Try this vegan risotto, that gets an earthy, textural kick from wild mushrooms and a green hue from spinach, parsley, scallion greens, and tarragon leaves.

4. A Classic Steak Preparation

Ok, so maybe you want a challenge in the kitchen; we totally get that. If the sound of multiple steps and components all coming together in one stunning dish that’ll blow your S.O. away sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day to you, try cooking this beef roulade, stuffed with bacon and walnut-parsley pesto.


5. A Non-Boring Chicken Dish

Even after preparing it for Valentine’s Day dinner, this is the kind of chicken dish you’ll want to eat the next night and the night after that. Crispy chicken skin, juicy dark meat, tangy kimchi— what’s not to love?

6. An Elegant One-Pot Meal

What’s the only bad thing about making an elaborate dinner for your Valentine’s Day? Cleaning up the dishes. If scouring a dozen pots and pans isn’t something you’re interested in doing this February 14, opt for a one-pot meal like this Spanish Chicken and Potatoes, which is easy, yet still delivers in terms of flavor and creativity.

7. A Utensils-Optional Burger

Your special Valentine’s Day dinner doesn’t have to be fussy or fancy. The important thing is that you make something that you and your sweetie will love, even if that happens to be a juicy burger, piled with unexpected toppings. This lamb burger is flavored with coriander and tandoori spice and topped with fresh mango, Mango Achar, and sweet chili sauce.

8. A Date-Ready Steak

Filet Mignon may be one of the priciest cuts of meat, but it’s so, so worth it for that melt-in-your-mouth texture. Try this recipe, where perfectly prepared steak is paired with a bright arugula salad that doesn’t distract from the main ingredient.

9. A Centerpiece Salad

Salad for a special dinner? Sure! Main dish salads like this have it all: Crunchy vegetables, fresh greens, flaky salmon, and creamy white beans that add an extra punch of protein and fiber to the meal. Greens for dinner also means you’ll have that much more room left for a decadent dessert.

Make Valentine’s Day 2019 the most delicious holiday yet with these and thousands more recipes.